I came across this blouse while perusing a second hand store, and was immediately drawn to it’s pretty blush hue and soft drapey pleats (not to mention it’s $1.99 price tag).  Together these features screamed spring — and I immediately became excited for the warm weather fun that we would have together.  However, after wearing it once, I found that I wasn’t keen on the androgynous aesthetic that the boxy silhouette and structured collar lent towards.  I decided that it needed a little softening and shaping to prepare it for warm weather wearing.

So, a little seam ripping, a few snips, and a handful of runs through the sewing machine, and out came this pretty gal.  It still embraces the original aesthetic, but now feels more modern and feminine – just the perfect dose of an update, if you ask me.

We enjoyed many warm days together, and I now look forward to building it into my cold weather wardrobe.