I think most of us can agree that receiving a handwritten thank you note is pretty much a gift in itself.  So, knowing this, at the end of any gift-giving holiday, I always have the best of intentions in sharing my thanks via snail mail.  However, my intentions and my reality don’t always align…meaning many a-thank you note that goes unsent.

In an attempt to change this habit I promptly designed a thank you card following this past Christmas season, and although two months have passed with them sitting untouched on my desk, I am determined to get them into the mailbox this time.  So if you are like me, and don’t mind starting your card with ‘I want to send you a [very belated] thank you…’, then I welcome you to download this card template and join me in writing some [very fashionably late] words of ‘thanks’.

(Please note that this card is set up to be 5″x7″.  Depending on your printer you may need to set the page size to be 5″x7″.  Additionally, depending on your printers margin requirements, you may need to ‘shrink to fit’ the artwork.)