Both my heart and step picked up pace when I saw this top poking out of a local thrift store rack.  I am not usually attracted to animal prints, but the vagueness of the animal pattern, combined with the stripe (oh, do I love a stripe), gives it a subtle ethnic vibe that is hard not to be drawn to.  My heart was won over, so I quickly snatched it up, ensuring that it would be the newest addition to my closet.

I attempted to wear the shirt as it was, styling it in an oversize type of manner, but I just couldn’t get past how boxy and shapeless it was.  So, after taking quite a few inches off of the body and sleeves, I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to take a nod to the peplum trend.  I did so by adding a curved waist seam and an inverted pleat to both the front and back.  Albeit slight, these updates add just enough detail to create interest and shape, while still allowing the print to be the main attraction.  This shirt is now one of the most versatile items in my closet, lending itself to both casual and dressier occasions, which surely means that we will have many good times together.