We recently made our first trip to Bainbridge Island on a whim.  It was a typical overcast winter morning in Seattle, and upon waking, we felt the urge to do a little exploring.  We had never been to Bainbridge, which for the amount of time that we have lived in Seattle, is pretty inexcusable.  We rushed to get ready, and just barely made the ferry.  After taking in the Seattle skyline as we departed the pier, we ducked inside, out of the wind, and enjoyed the stunning views of the Puget Sound from a new angle.

Being that it was a bit of a spontaneous trip, we had no plans to guide us, and found that that was perfect.  We spent a few casual hours there, strolling around and getting to know the island.  We walked along the waterfront and wandered through the downtown street.  Grabbed a drink and snack at The Pegasus Coffee Shop, where we enjoyed listening to a live band that played the likes of Peter, Paul and Mary.  Visited Pritchard Park, which had striking views of Seattle and all sorts of neat natural eye candy (for which I got all camera-happy on).  Then, we hopped back on the ferry and made our way to the other side of the water, all the while talking about the possibilities of what we were going to do the next time that we ventured to the island.  It was definitely a day well spent.