I came across this dress during one of my regular Goodwill visits, and immediately thought of what a great jacket it would be…if only it had sleeves.  So, crossing my fingers, I set out for the suit section.  It typically takes me a few visits before I am able to find an item that fits my vision, so I was quite surprised when I came across this, dare I say, perfect herringbone suit jacket.  The subtle pattern is a nice contrast to the heather grey of the dress, but not so much as to detract from the classic aesthetic that I has in mind.  Even more so, the weight was compatible and the armhole was fairly similar.  Feeling excited that by the prospect of my new project, I started to make my way to the cashier, where I was quickly stopped by a sign announcing that red tags would be 50% off in five days.  Surprisingly, both of my items were red tags. Perhaps I was feeling lucky, or maybe I was just being frugal, but for some odd reason, I decided to put both items back and try again on day five.  Let me tell you, I questioned (or more accurately agonized) over that decision until I stepped foot in Goodwill on day five, and very happily found both items hanging nearly where I last stashed placed them.  Phew!

I am beyond happy with the way that this jacket turned out.  It took some finagling to get the armholes to match, as well as to alter both the shell and lining fabrics, but those challenges were balanced out by how easy it was to sew on that crisp felted wool.  At times, it felt like that fabric was steering itself through the sewing machine.

I had the opportunity to wear this jacket a good handful of times before the weather turned warm, and found that it was the perfect weight for seasonal transitions.  I was happy to retire it to my closet in exchange for summers warm weather, but believe me, I will have this jacket back in my daily wardrobe as soon as the first leaf falls this September.