This wood box was originally packaging for a pair of chopsticks that were gifted to me, which essentially made it a two-fer gift – Score! (RIP 30 Rock).  When it comes to packaging, I can be a bit of a hoarder.  Whether it is a bottle, packing from a bar of soap, or a sticker off of a pizza box (the list and obscurity level continues), I stash it away for the potential of later inspiration.  However, for a reason unexplainable, I decided that this box was one that I could toss.  It didn’t take long before I realized, ‘wait, what, that’s the answer to my jewelry organization!’  You see, I had been in desperate need of an organizational system for my jewelry, as my current ‘system’ (if it deserved such a title) involved a heaped-up mess that required untangling nearly every morning.  Those are precious minutes!  I was having trouble finding an option that was not only small enough to fit on my counter, but that also had an aesthetic that matched my bathroom.  Enter fate, in the form of old packaging…which I then had to scrounge out of the garbage.
I am a major fan of mixed aesthetics.  In the case of this box, the natural element of stained wood, paired with a glitzy, and slightly vintage, edge of gold leaf.  As usual, working with golf leaf is a bit finicky, but it was even more difficult when working within such a confined surface area as this edge.  I felt like I was applying it in such a haphazard way, but in the end, the look was layered and a little rough, and even missing gold leaf in a few spots, which only supported the mixed aesthetic even further.
Now I happily spend my morning’s tangle free and rested by a few additional minutes.  Plus, I have a pleasing little accessory center to help set a creative vibe for the day.