When I came across this recipe for bran muffins, I’m pretty sure that my heart fluttered as I thought, ‘could this be my ticket to bran muffin love?’  Much to my dismay, I’ve always loved the idea of bran muffins, but not the food itself.  I may be trying in all the wrong places, but thus far, every version I’ve tried has either been too dense, dry, or tasteless…or some combination of the three. 
The winning aspect of this recipe is the combination of pureed raisins and molasses.  When combined, the duo creates a deliciously deep and complex flavor, which compliments the nuttiness of the bran perfectly, as well as imparts a remarkable level of moistness.  If you’re interested in a truly elevating experience (in the world of bran muffin eating, of course), eat one straight from the oven, when it’s toasty, chewy, and nearly dream inducing.  A word from experience, don’t resist a second one.  You just won’t win.
*I would highly recommend adding one cup of frozen berries, as their lightness is a nice compliment to the otherwise rich muffin.