Since REjuvenating this top and necklace, I’ve tried to seek out more projects that are straightforward and simple.  I have a tendency to think big when looking for projects to REjuvenate, which usually means multiple evenings (or in this case, a year and a half!), just as much un-doing as re-doing, and inevitably, more cursing than I would like to admit.   As rewarding as it is to see a big transformation, I’ve found that it is equally as rewarding (and considerably more relaxing) to be able to start and finish a project in one evening…or even one hour.
I bought this sweater with little thought as to how I would remake it.  I knew that I would remove the buttons, and thought that it would make a nice pull-over sweater, rather than a cardigan.  After toying with a couple of options, which included gathering and asymmetrical draping, I had a light-bulb moment.  Why make it complicated when it doesn’t have to be?  It was already a nice sweater, with cool details (namely those great slouchy hand pockets), so why get all fancy on it? 
Approximately twenty minutes (and one center front seam) after coming to that conclusion, I was done.  Just like that.  It felt SO good!  As for the sweater, well, I’ve already worn it twice over the past week.  I think that’s a pretty fair testament as to how much I love it, and how easily it has fit into my closet.