As I admitted to in this post, I can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to collecting items that ignite a little inspiration in me.  Whether it is the graphics on a beer bottle label, or the font from a pizza box sticker, the potential for it to ignite inspiration in a future project makes my inner hoarder feel validated.  (I’ll say that this isn’t necessary a shared mentality in our household though…)
I suppose what actually makes me feel like a hoarder, is the lack of storage that I have for said items.  It’s challenging to seek inspiration when I’ve forgotten where I’ve stored my little scraps of inspiration.  ‘Did I put it in my craft drawers?  No.  Maybe in my inspiration bin?  No.  Oh, that’s right, it’s in a pile near the mail. Of course!’  As you can imagine, halting a project to search for a piece of inspiration is a little counteractive.  So, after far too long, I finally called ‘uncle’, and figured out a system.
I channeled my days working at a paper arts store, and came up with this simple book.  It took no more than an hour, and will very likely save far more hours of what could have been wasted ‘search time’.  More than that, it’s proven to be quite inspirational to have a tool that is so saturated without others creativity.
Here are the steps I took, if you need a little organization in your life too!

A peak at a few of my little inspiration nuggets…