I’ve always loved gold leaf pens, but have never ventured into using them on anything other than paper.  When I finally decided that I needed to either spruce up this vase from Ikea (which I had held onto for a few years without use), or get rid of it (which of course, I didn’t want to do); gold leaf seemed like the perfect answer.  The vase only needed a little pizazz; something to spice it up and validate it’s need for a place in our home.  At the same time, I’d been looking for ways to add touches of gold within our décor.  So, just like that, I had a win-win!
This project was simple; in it’s level of complexity, over-all project time, and materials.  As you’ve likely assumed, all I did was draw a circle within the indented spaces.  However, there were a couple of little steps that helped along the way.  First, I colored the circles in a few stages, so that the ink could dry enough for me to hold it comfortably without creating smudges.  Second, I didn’t worry too much about making the circles entirely opaque when first drawing them; instead, I made a second round to touch up those spots.  Even with those extra couple of steps, this project only took a half an hour (and required no cleanup!).  Hello, dream project!
Even before my touch-up round had a chance to completely dry, I had this vase placed in its new spot in our home.  Not only am I happy that I found a way to keep it around, but have also found that brings a perfect little dose of interest and glamour to our living room.