While I love the thrill of thrifting an item to then conceptualize it’s second life, I’ve found the REjuvenation process to be all the more rewarding when I am able to just shop in my own closet.  In a way it feels like I am cheating the system…breaking out of the ‘buy-purge-buy more’ cycle, and stretching my dollar way more than I ever intended too.  Well, that is until I spend that ‘saved’ money elsewhere.  😉  One can only practice so much restraint.
When it comes to shopping, my mind usually overpowers my heart.  I figure ‘classic’ is more lasting than ‘fun’ (unless it’s a stars-in-the-eyes moment when those both align) so why not spend my dollars there?  Why does logic always have to be so convincing?!  So, after buying my classic (albeit maybe a bit boring) sandals, my summer shoe selection was looking a bit drab.  That is until these Madewell sandals, which I lovingly wore for a couple of seasons, and had since retired, caught my eye.  Why not just doll them up? 
Doll, I did…and I could not be more pleased.  This project was truly simple, and the cherry on top is that it’s not permanent.  So, come next summer, I may just REjuvenate these sandals all over again!
Here are the steps I took, in case your shoe closet is in need of a little excitement too.

Materials:  a pair of sandals, embroidery floss (color #352 Light Coral), beads, and a pair of scissors