I’m a sucker for a good white tee.  It’s one of those styles that leaves me feeling good whenever I slip one on, whether it be paired with sweats or a pencil skirt.  In my book, its versatility, comfortability, and classic styling are unmatched.
Somehow, despite it’s being a classic style, it still has it’s own bucket of trends that it cycles through.  V-neck, crew-neck, slim fit, slouch fit, chest pocket, sleeve pocket, cap sleeve, half sleeve, cotton, linen, and the list goes on.  Call me a sucker, but for some reason, nearly every season, I need that new white tee.  White tees have become such a commodity in our home that they’ve begun to make there way to the rag bin. (Trust me, they’re past their prime. Underarm stains – yick!)
It pains me to give, what were once beloved tops, such an underwhelming second life.  At the same time, I feel like I’ve needed to mix up my white tee game a bit.  To create more variation between the styles, and perhaps, to create a reason to be able to wear them multiple times in a week.  One can hope.
I paired this white tee with a woven windowpane plaid.  I like the pairing of the stretchy knit with the stable woven, the subtle pattern interest, and the contrast between opaque and transparent.  Combined, those factors give the tee oomph far beyond it’s original state, but at the same time, it remains simple enough to still be referred to as a ‘tee’.  I’ve already found myself grabbing for this shirt more often than what is socially acceptable, so I better get on to REjuvenating another one!