It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since I last spent time on this blog.  I honestly thought it had been one – which pretty clearly conveys how fast (and apparently unaccountable) time feels.  While I haven’t actively worked on this blog, I have thought about it often.  With each project, recipe and trip I have taken, I’ve thought, ‘maybe I’ll blog this.’  However, it’s been a very full two years, in ways both big and small.

We purchased our first home, where we’ve happily been able to sit the grass without having to visit a park, play music as loud as we’d like, and get our hands dirty in making it our own.

We became a family of three, which has rocked our world in the most beautiful, exhausting, and rewarding ways.
I decided to pause my career to stay at home with Kian.  We take a lot of walks, visit parks and the library, babble to each other, sing songs (many of which are made up, and truthfully, pretty terrible.  Thankfully I don’t have a discerning audience.) and as of late, play the game of ‘how long should I let him explore that, before it becomes a hazard’.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Traveled to Italy (Siena, Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre), Georgia (Atlanta, Savannah, St. Simons Island), Southern California (L.A., Palm Springs, Redlands), Michigan (a tour of Ricky’s childhood cities, ending in East Lancing for a wedding), Minnesota, and a few in-state getaways.
Visited very few new-to-us restaurants, but fine-tuned our take-out circuit, and did a lot of recipe exploration.  As of recent, my favorites have been making kitchen staples, like these no-knead bread and almond milk recipes.
Finally succumbed to my love of coffee and became a daily drinker, as well as grew a pretty notable preference (some could call it an obsession) with sour candy.  Two rather insignificant changes that make me exceedingly and frequently happy, so I’m claiming them as notable.
Putting our space, and hopefully an inherited green thumb, to good use; first with our veggie garden, and more recently with filling in our garden beds.
I’ll have to admit, that the one thing I’ve felt to be missing, is enough creativity.  I’m hoping that this space will help to create and hold me accountable for finding more of that in my life, and that you’ll get inspired along side me!