If there’s one thing that I have in excess, especially compared to how often they’re used, it’s bags.  I could spew a Bubba Gump-like list of the variety of bags that are stashed around our house, but I’ll spare you the time that it would take to skip over those lines, while trying to find where the purpose of this post picks back up.  The thing is, there is always a use for a bag, which makes them practical, right?  That’s what went through my mind at least, when I came across this felted wool-look tote for a mere $5 at Target.
For that price, I felt I was getting a steal for the thickness and realistic look of the ‘felted wool’.  On the other hand, for that price, it made sense that the straps were very evidently inexpensive.  That’s exactly the type of project the draws my eye, one that has a solid base with which I can build upon.  I knew that simply updating the straps with real leather would give it more of a luxe look, while adding a strap closure would add some interest.
For as simple and subtle of an update as this was, I am really digging the outcome.  In fact, I can happily say, with much thanks to having a child that requires me to [what feels like] pack our home every time we leave, that I am using it on a near-daily basis.
See the steps I took below!

I used my sewing machine to punch the leather, after which I hand sewed the straps to the bag.  Word to the wise – make sure to remove the thread before ‘punching’, unless you love an unnecessary session of seem ripping.