Seasonally inappropriate post here, but when you’ve had a top lingering in your mind for a good 6 months, you address it.  I love that I say this, while I can think of a tower of unfinished (and arguably more important) projects that lay scattered throughout our home at this moment.  But, we’re not talking about responsibility and priority here; we’re talking about clothes and their ability to infiltrate your mind.
That’s what happened when I first saw this top.   It was the cropped length, fitted sleeve, classic aesthetic, playfulness of the back opening, and the slightly romantic feel of the rosette trimming.  So in essence, every part of it.  The problem was that I just couldn’t rationalize spending that much on a top, especially one that, although highly loved, won’t be considered a closet staple  (it’s now on sale though!).  I figured that I’d keep it in mind during my thrift/consignment/craft store trips, and if the stars aligned, I would find a way to work a version of this top into my closet.
Those stars aligned, my friends.  Oh yes they did – and all on one (to be melodramatic) fateful outing.   I came across the sweater first – it is fitted, but not overly so, the color is spot on, and it is soft to boot (oh hey, cashmere/modal blend).  For $19 it was not only perfect for the job, but would also make a nice addition to my closet in the instance that I couldn’t find a floral tape.  Yet, I did find that tape.  It’s not perfect, as sewing a rigid woven tape on a stretchy sweater knit can be tricky (you have to be able to stretch that neck over your head after all), however the aesthetic was spot-on.  It took me a couple of hours, and some inevitable [for me] seem ripping to hand sew it in place – which was thankfully accompanied by both some chatting with my mom and catching up on Fixer Upper (I love those Gaines’!)
I’m really happy with how the final product turned out.  It is a much simpler riff on the inspiration, but it exudes the heart of what drew me to it in the first place. While I won’t be wearing it any time soon, I look forward to being able to slip it on once fall hits.