I vividly remember the feeling that I had as I walked through the multi-colored house, each room boasting it’s own rich shade of the rainbow, and ate bite after bite of sweet and juicy height-of-the-season peach.  The sweet-tart tantalizing feeling crossing my tongue, as my eyes swept each room with curiosity.  On a family vacation, already filled with excitement and a childhood sense of freedom, that peach, and it’s fresh-sweet taste, put a sealing memory on that moment.
This was my first food memory – not a decadent slice of silky cheesecake that we ate around our family table after a valentines dinner; or a perfectly cooked plate of tender and creamy polenta with wine stewed pork, that was shared over a dinner with a growing friendship; but a perfectly ripe peach with a dusting (but to be honest, I was a kid, so probably a mound) of sugar on top.
These rosé soaked peaches evoke that same feeling for me – with a little booze to match the older version of myself  (and to make up for the fact that I’m not on vacation…).   The peaches are silky and sweet, while the syrup is crisp with an earthy note of rosemary.  They are delicious on their own, paired with ice cream, served over a slice of sponge cake, or blended into a frosty drink.  In whatever way they’re consumed though, make sure it’s paired with a side of ‘carefree’.
1/2 c. of sugar
1/2 c. of water
1 sprig of rosemary
5 medium, or 4 large, ripe peaches
1 c. rosé
32 oz. jar
Place the water and sugar in a pot, and heat until the sugar is dissolved – giving the pot a swirl every now and again. Meanwhile, wash and dry the peaches.
Once the sugar is fully dissolved, remove the pot from the heat and submerge the rosemary. Leave to steep for 20-25 minutes.
Cut your peaches into quarters, and remove the skin.* Once all skins are removed, cut each quarter into two (totaling 8 slices per peach). Place peaches into a sterile jar.
Remove the rosemary sprig from the simple syrup, and stir in the rosé. Once combined, pour the syrup over the peaches, and seal the lid.
Refrigerate for 24 hours (48 if you can mange it), then enjoy!

*If the skins are being stubborn, I’ve read that pouring boiling water over them will help to ‘slip’ them off.