Gauze Bat Wall Decorations - A Minimalist Approach to Halloween Decor // Blanche & Thirteenth
In my adult years, Halloween has fallen into the ‘soft’ celebration category. There have been no decorations, costumes, and rarely a carved pumpkin; but rather, a bag of candy, a (reluctant, and usually regretful) scary movie, a pot of chili, and pumpkin beer.  Not to say that’s a bad way to celebrate, as it actually fits our likes and lifestyle well, but there is something about fully living out a holiday that is so redeeming.  So, with a child to dress and a rejuvenated interest to decorate, I’ve fully re-boarded the Halloween train.  Here’s how I went about decorating our home…

Meet skele-witch.  She was a real BA woman back in her witching days, but now graces our living room with a ‘soft’ level of spook.  She is dependable in giving Kian high-fives, and only occasionally roles her eyes upon my third round of ‘if you’re happy and you know it’.

Bare branches from our backyard birch tree, coupled with spindly eucalyptus, give a slight air of untamed spook.
Cobweb – I mean, what’s Halloween decor without a little faux-cob. 
A bare and crooked birch branch + black gauze bats. 
You may or may not have noticed that not a spider can be found amongst this holiday decor.  I am a true wimp when it comes to spiders (I feel like I’m in good company, right?).  There was no need to play with fire – or more-so random and sudden yelps – by adding them to the decor.  So when thinking of options to spook-up this already hung branch, bats seemed a given.
Holiday terrarium – I love pumpkins, and will take any opportunity to layer them throughout our home come this time of year (although, admittedly, they have been known to sit out until January…).  So, when I came across this clearance terrarium, it seemed the perfect vessel to switch up how I displayed at least one of those pumpkins.  Painted with a cobweb, it leans more into ‘Halloween’ than simply ‘fall’.

As for the rest of ‘said’ pumpkins, they lay scatted around the house, like so…

I know that I have years ahead of paper pumpkins, hand print spiders, and the likes (which, honestly, I’m looking forward to!) so for now, I’m enjoying this minimalist take on Halloween.  If you’re interested in seeing any of the steps on how I put this decor together, swing by tomorrow! (Check it out right here!)
DIY Gauze Bat Halloween Decor // Blanche & Thirteenth