New Year resolutions seem to be a controversial topic, so this may be putting myself out there 😉 — I’m all for them. While it’s easy to argue that goal-making can be done any day of the year, I argue that there is something truly refreshing about the onset of a new year, and the thought of conquering ‘said goal/s’ by the end of it. More than anything, I’d say that the issue lies in the tendency to get grandiose with resolution making – setting goals that require various measured steps, a considerable time commitment, and the hope that the change will last forever-more.

I’ve had my fair share of over-setting resolutions (as in, every year), so this year I decided to keep them measurable, instantly gratifying and fun. Sure, I have plenty of big changes that I’d like to tackle in my life (be more active, go to bed at a good hour, cut back on my sugar in-take, so on and so forth), but I also have many small goals/desires that often get set to the side in lieu of addressing the big. So, without further ado, here are my resolutions…


Do one ‘indulgent’ thing just for myself, each week.

There are plenty of things that I do in the week that I love and enjoy, but they nearly always have a motive other than self-pleasure. Trying a new recipe…the families got to eat. Going for a walk…I have a child who loves and needs his outdoor time. Whether its something as simple as a half an hour of music and painting my nails, an hour of reading at a coffee shop, or (hopefully) the occasional massage, it is time that I can claim just for myself.

Maintain a family calendar.

Honestly, I should have started one long ago. With one, we will be able to avoid the inevitable ‘whoops, forgot to tell you that I have xx tomorrow’, as well as keep track of just how often we are seeing friends/going on dates/etc (which we realize gets lost in the mix of daily life far too often). Plus, I love an opportunity to feel on-top of it (who doesn’t?!).

Send one piece of handwritten mail a month.

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll admit that I am fairly terrible at maintaining contact. Whether it is text, email, or phone, I often begin by saying ‘sorry for the delay…’ For years I’ve resolved to change this, but I just can’t seem to. I’ve recognized that part of the reason for this, is because I see it as another thing that needs to be done (even though I’m excited to talk with whoever it is). What I love about handwritten mail, is that it feels incredibly intentional, but also commitment free. I never expect to hear back from someone who I hand-wrote to, or feel like I have to respond when receiving something handwritten. Plus, I love the thought that a dozen+ times this year, a loved one will experience the joy that comes along with an unexpected piece of snail-mail.


Cheers to the beginning of 2018 – may it be a year full of wonderful experiences and growth for all of us!