Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & Thirteenth

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthMy parents moved to the Pacific Northwest (from the Midwest and East Coast) because of how beautiful and bountiful nature is in this region.  To say that they have instilled a deep appreciation for nature in me, is nearly an understatement.  I often feel my most relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired and grateful when I am amongst nature.  I have pretty regular words of encouragement for the plants in our yard, think that singing birds is one of the most beautiful and uplifting sounds, and literally gasp each time Kian’s unknowing foot lands on a plant.

As I’ve become a parent, and seen Kian’s fascination and wonder with the natural world develop, I feel both an overwhelming appreciation for nature, as well as a heavy reminder for how we need to protect her.  With Earth Day on Sunday, (and unfortunately, some minds to be swayed and reminded) there’s no better time to spread the love for mother nature than now.  She’s beautiful – let’s keep her that way!


Bleach Pen
Pencil, chalk, or washable crayon
Wax paper covered piece of cardboard
Embroidery Thread (optional – as you can see, I decided not to use it.)


Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthMeasure the width and length of space that you want the graphic to cover.  I started my graphic 7″ down from the shoulder, and 9″ across the chest.  Mark your measurement with pins, and try on your shirt to make sure that it looks good, and is centered.

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthEither draw your graphic by hand, or design it on the computer.

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthPractice drawing/writing your graphic a few times to warm your hand up to the movements, as you will be free handing it on the shirt.  Use chalk, a dull pencil or a washable crayon (for all you parents out there!) to draw the image on to your shirt.
*Alternatively, you can transfer the image to your shirt by placing a sheet of carbon paper on the shirt, placing your print on top, and tracing along the lines of your print.  This will transfer a washable image of the graphic to your shirt.

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthCover a piece of cardboard (that is the size of your graphic + some) with waxed paper.  Slip into the shirt.  This will protect the back of your shirt from picking up any of the bleach.

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthTrace your graphic with the bleach pen.  Move slow and steady, as it is hard to backtrack if you’ve made a mistake.  However, if you do make a mistake (and I did a few times!), you can quickly wipe it away with a wet paper towel or rag.

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthLet the bleach sit on your shirt for 20-30 minutes.  You can tell if it’s ready by carefully lifting up the shirt, and looking at it from the inside.  The image will show white (or very light) when it is done.  Carefully carry your shirt to a sink, and hold it below your faucet.  Rinse away the bleach gel, making sure that it does not settle elsewhere on the shirt.  At this point, you may notice that you want to touch up a few areas. If you do, place the cardboard back in the shirt, use the bleach pen to touch it up, and let it sit for another 20-30 minutes.  After washing away all of the bleach, place it into your washing machine, as wash/dry as your regularly would.

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Bleach Pen Shirt // Blanche & ThirteenthSpread that love!