Month Makers April 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & Thirteenth

April was the month of opposites for us.  There was some the wettest weather that the month has ever seen, as well as some record breaking warm days.  We had both unusual and somewhat unnerving health issues pop up, as well as a major health success (more on that below!).  We experienced moments that felt almost perfectly balanced, and others that were frustratingly unbalanced.  With all of that, April has been my favorite month this year – and here are some of the reasons why…

Month Makers April 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthSunshine – The sunshine that we saw in the second half of April did a number for our spirits.  The fact that it was preceded by some notable rain fall, only made it more welcome.  We visited new parks, wore sandals, worked and played in the yard nearly every day, and even applied sunscreen.  It was a real treat.

Month Makers April 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthDinner at San Fermo, where the space was as inspiring as the bolognese.

Mid-month, after being holed up for nearly a week while Kian was sick, Ricky recommended that I take myself out.   It took my all of 15 seconds to decide to go to Salt & Straw.  They are serious ice-cream magicians.  I had a split scoop of lucky charm ice-cream (where the milk was soaked in the cereal before churning…so good) and a chocolate, caramel, brownie, potato chip concoction that had me reflecting over it’s deliciousness after each bite.

Month Makers April 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthCelebrating Ricky’s birthday – aka, one of my favorite days of the year.  We put sprinkles in donuts, waffles and Rice Krispies; had parents up to visit; feasted on a fish taco spread; and spent time as just the two of us over a delicious meal at Westward.  It always feels good celebrate and spoil the people that you love,

This month, Kian had an eat challenge for almonds at his allergists office – and he had no allergic reaction!  We have a nut back in our life!  For something so simple, it’s a monumental moment for us.  We began suspecting and eliminating foods from our life when Kian was around 3 months old, and here at 19 months, we feel like we have our first real win in this whole experience.  More than that, almonds allow us so much flexibility – whether in whole form, or in butter, milk or flour form.  We’ve been going all out on almonds this month – almond butter on toast and in oatmeal, almond milk with our cereal, almond yogurt with almond granola, and adding them to nearly every dish where they seem like a good idea.

Month Makers April 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthNaturally, Delicious Cook Book –  I serendipitously grabbed this cookbook on a whim, when heading out of the library, and have since renewed twice.  It has great alternative recipes if you’re trying to avoid common allergens, or are just looking for healthier and more wholesome recipes.  We made the bone broth recipe twice this month (we had a sick month!), and it is hands down the best broth I’ve ever tasted.  We also had great success with the brown rice waffles (which we turned into a funfetti version for Ricky’s birthday).

Seattle Times Print Replica – Something that I’ve struggled with since staying home with Kian, is remaining aware and on top of the news.  In the little moments that I have throughout the day, scrolling through google news – taking note of the headlines, and reading an article or two – just doesn’t engage me.  It wasn’t until reading this article by the New York Times, which makes an argument for reading printed news, that I realized where the issue lies.  I’m using the wrong medium to get my news.  When I worked, I loved hearing my news each morning and evening while commuting. When I am home at my parents house, I feel so much more engaged when picking up their printed version of the Seattle Times. For me, I’ve realized that having a more focused approach to news – coming from one source (for the most part), with clear organization, and partial focus on local news – is what works.  This past month I’ve been turning to the Seattle Times Print Replica (which is a scanned version of the daily newspaper), and it’s felt like I’ve found my goldilocks version of a newsource.

I hope that you had a memorable April.  If you made any new discoveries, adopted any new practices, or just had a good time – I’d love to hear it!