Month Makers May 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & Thirteenth

It may be that I am writing this mid June, or maybe, that the month of May whizzed by – but I am having a hard time recalling the month.  Moments like this are a nice reminder of how thankful I am that I started this series.  It gives me a reason to look back through my photos, refresh my memory, and recall the moments that were made.  Looking through photos reminded me that May is the month when Kian first became attached to a stuffed animal (his gang has quickly grown to three); that with the excitement of warm and light evenings, we had a week-long streak of after-dinner walks; and that my garden flowers were in gorgeous bloom.  While little, these sweet memories fill me with such happiness.  I hope that you had many sweet little moments in May as well.

Month Makers May 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & Thirteenth
I love when a book captivates me to the point where I’m basically held hostage. Little Fires Everywhere did just that for me.  I can be a little wary of books that claim to be that captivating, as I feel that the ‘captivation’ can sometimes disguise a lack of other elements in the book – like character development and fluid and thoughtful writing.  It’s not that every book has to be a beautiful and unarguable work of art, but these days, when my reading hours are limited, I like to commit to something that I will appreciate on many levels.  If you’re on the library’s 300+ waitlist – stick it out.  If you’re not sure if all of the hype is founded – I feel like I (and all of those best-read lists) can confidently say that it is.

Navy Bean Dip: two ways –  One of the hardest nutrients to work into Kian’s diet is calcium.  At the same time, one of our trickiest mealtimes is snack – as many of those commonly turned to, and pre-made snacks, contain one or more of his allergens.  So, these navy bean dips are a two-fold savior!  Navy beans are one of the higher calcium foods that Kian can eat, and thankfully they are easy to work into many dishes.  I’ve been preparing this dip two ways, to eat alongside crackers during snack time.  They are also delicious when smeared on a piece of toast, with tomato and/or arugula, or spread on a sandwich as a ‘condiment’.  Both of these versions are eyeballed/taste-budded…

Navy Beans + Olive Oil + Roasted Garlic (or garlic powder – which is easy, and what I use most often) + Salt
Navy Beans + Olive Oil + Lox + Sliced Green Onions (folded into dip after it is processed) + Salt
(Process in a food processor or blender with some of the reserved bean-water (to loosen it), and you’re done!)

Month Makers May 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthMotherhood is inherently rewarding, but it sure is nice to have a day of special thanks for this all-encompassing role.  Unlike your birthday where you are celebrated for something that just happens (turning another year), this celebration feels very deserved, as it is something that we mothers work at all day, every day. Ricky made Mothers Day a very special, and Kian happily joined in on the unbeknownst holiday ;-).  I got coffee and flowers in bed (which Ricky had to youtube, as he isn’t a coffee drinker – so a very notable happening!), a special breakfast and dinner (grilled chicken wings – yaaass!), and a beautiful sunny morning spent at Carkeek Park.

Month Makers May 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthRicky traveled for work at the end of the month, which meant that Kian and I spent some time down in Olympia with my family.  As much as I don’t love when Ricky travels, I do love how it gives Kian and me a sort of quality time with family that we otherwise don’t get.  While we see our families often, it is almost always squeezed into a weekend, which makes it hard to find truly quality time together.  While we were down visiting, we had a large family dinner, and then, cut out more focused time on our own.  We went to the Hands On Children’s Museum (a truly incredible place!) with my brother and his son, played in grandma & grandpa’s backyard with cousins, and spent time with good family friends at their home on the hood canal.  I also enjoyed little moments with my parents, that reminded me of what it was like when I lived at home – like going to the grocery store together, and chatting over nightly dinner.

Month Makers May 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthThis Target shirt nearly sums up my style – it’s comfortable and casual; roomy, but still flattering; striped (always & forever); in a color that is fun, but can pass as a neutral; has a slight flair of detail, and is made of a natural blend.  It’s been a total wash-and-wear staple in my closet, and is only made better by the fact that it was $17 (now on clearance for $12!).

Back when I was working in an office, I was a very happily hydrated person.  Whether it was that my water glass was always in the corner of my eye, or that finishing a glass gave me a reason to get up and walk; my hydration was on point.  These days, not so much.  With how much I move, I often forget to drink water.  So, for Mothers Day, Ricky gave me this Takeya water bottle as a way to create a routine – and it has totally worked.  First thing in the morning I fill it up, and keep it at my side throughout the day.  This one is awesome.  It keeps my water cool for as long as it takes to drink, has a hinged cap so that it doesn’t whap you in the face while drinking, a flexible handle (which helps with the literal juggling act of parenthood), and a silicon base to grip surfaces.  I feel funny (maybe old?) with how much I am in-to this water bottle; I could honestly go on and on with how thoughtful the design is.