Month Makers June 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & Thirteenth

I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but June whizzed by!  My sister got married at the beginning of this month, which meant that June was filled with pre-celebrations and preparations.  It made for a full, joyous, and exhausting month.  It also became summer (WAHOO!) – and Seattle actually got the memo, treating us to a string of beautifully warm and sunny days.  Read on to see what moments made this month particularly memorable.

Month Makers June 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthJune was kicked off by hosting my sisters wedding shower and bachelorette party.  Since she lives in L.A. we decided to roll both events into one celebratory weekend.  Being that she was having a forest wedding near the entrance to Mt Rainier National Park, we kept the shower theme in the same vein – complete with plenty of pinecones, cedar branches, a couple of hearty soups, and s’more cupcakes.  For the bachelorette party, we chatted, drank, played games, went out, and toured our way through the food stalls of Pike Place Market.  It was joyful, celebratory, and fully fitting for a person who is as wonderful as my sister.

Month Makers June 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthAt the beginning of this year, we began house hunting for our next  home; one that we could see ourselves living in for as long as we’d like, without feeling like it didn’t have the space or lifestyle to support our family.  Because of this, we opened our search up to the whole of Seattle and surrounding areas.  While exhausting, this search has given us a reason to discover new areas – which has been a nice silver lining.  In June, Kian and I kicked up gears on area-hunting in the mornings, so that Ricky and I could finally feel comfortable narrowing down our search.  A couple of our favorite trips were to Juanita Beach Park, which has a ‘boardwalk’ that goes out into the lake, and striking views of Seattle; and Snoqualmie/North Bend, where the mountain views are breathtaking, and the Train Museum is jaw-dropping (at least to those below the age of three ;-).

Month Makers June 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthI mean it with every ounce of my being, when I say that Ricky is an incredible father.  I always knew that he would be, but seeing him in action completely surpasses what I always thought I knew.  Just like how I love that Mothers Day gives us mothers a chance to revel in this incredible role, I love Fathers Day for the same reason.  We celebrated by having a relaxed morning in our backyard, enjoying Ricky’s new hammock, and setting up our camping tent to play in. We went to Carkeek park, where the tide was so low, that Kian was able to run around in the sand, laughing and squealing as he splashed through little puddles.  While Kian napped in the afternoon, Ricky and I both took the opportunity to chill with a book/podcast in the backyard, and when he woke up, we had a delicious BBQ dinner on the back deck.  It was a special and quality-filled day, and it only felt right that it was centered around our main man.

Month Makers June 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthI’ve got to tell ya (if you don’t already know) Target has been hitting it out of the park with their new women’s lines, A New Day and Universal Thread.  I haven’t shopped Target clothing this much since I was in high school – where my sister and I would often turn every sales racks.  I’ve purchased more than enough items in the past few months, but my latest purchase has become a summer favorite & staple.  These wide leg crop pants are flattering, trendy (but not overly so), and seriously comfortable.  I’m hoping that as fall comes, I’ll find a way to style them so that they remain a mainstay in my closet.

June gave us our first lot of backyard garden goodies – in the form of MANY peas and favas.  Both plants did really well this year, although, I did wait a little too long to pick my peas.  After making a pasta with fresh peas, and realizing that they had become a little too starchy, I decided to puree the remaining peas with olive oil, coconut milk, mint and salt.  I served it alongside salmon, but since then, have eaten it by the spoonful – it is good!  As for the favas, I shelled and froze them before we headed out of town for the fourth of July, and am still deciding what to make with them.  Suggestions are welcome!

Month Makers June 2018 - The things that left an imprint, and made life easier // Blanche & ThirteenthMid-month, coming off of a couple weeks of shower-related projects, I was ready to both get outside, and do something creative in a way that felt different than my normal routine.  I’ve had plans to update out back yard – specifically our shed – for a couple of years now.  For one reason or another, or just the sheer quick passing of summers, I’ve hardly put any of those plans into action.  With the shower/bachelorette party being over, and my mom coming up to watch Kian for the day, I decided to bite the bullet and just do it.  Ricky and I turned our date night into burritos in the car, and a trip to Home Depot so that I could stock up on what I needed (and him, to just breath in those hardware store aromas – he loves himself a hardware store ;-).  I finished by mid-day the following day, and boy, did I feel good.  Good to be doing something that I had had in my mind for too long.  Good to be outside, doing something more strenuous.  Good to be doing something creative, but outside of my normal creativity.  And good to be doing something just for myself.  It was the sort of rejuvenating project I’d been needing. Now, every time that I look out our kitchen window and see the shed, it reminds me that I should stop stalling on the things I want to do, and just go for it.

I’m hoping that you had a memorable June, and that July is treating you well. 🙂