I’m Caitlin!


I love creativity, I love passion, I love inspiration – and I feel damn near over the moon when those three align.  There’s little that I find more invigorating than the excitement of possibility – whether it’s seeing the potential for creating a second life in an old sweater, that moment when multiple ingredients shine light on one delicious dish, or the prospect of being able to create something that answers a need or desire.

Here’s the deal, I love many things.  I consider it a bi-product of my joint optimism and tendency to ‘seek out the beauty’.  So, while you’ll mostly find crafty pursuits and food adventures on this site, there may also be the occasional random musing, party idea, travel recap, fashion bit, and more.

There’s nothing quite like connecting with someone over a shared passion, so I’m glad that you’re here!  If you want to connect more, you can find me at

A little bit more…

I am a Seattleite, sharing life with my husband Ricky and son Kian.  After spending nearly a decade in the apparel design industry, I traded in my sketchpad for days at home with Kian.  We kick it from 9-6 Monday through Friday, and then harass my husband for attention and a break from each other during the surrounding times (mostly kidding…) Those two are the light of my life, giving me a joy and purpose that is unmatched.  Outside of them, I love a nice leisurely clear-my-mind kind of walk, cappuccinos, a display of wit, v-neck’s (that’s Ricky’s contribution, upon my asking him what some of my favorite things are), and feeling like I’ve got my ish together (which is about 50% of the time.  okay, maybe 30%).

What’s Rejuvenated?

I have a minimalist tendency, and a earth-mama heart.  REjuvenate is my little drop in the bucket towards trying to reduce waste and control my consumerism.  I remake already owned or thrifted items into something more modern and relevant to todays aesthetic and need.

RE = recycle
juvenate = breathing new life into something

A Note About Recipes:

As of 2017, you’ll find that all of my recipes are allergen friendly (in our family, that means dairy, peanut, wheat, egg, tree nut, soy, chickpea, and lentil free).  While this style of cooking was a dramatic change from this former dairy-enthusiast (and really all of the aforementioned items), I’ve found that it has been a welcome change.  We eat healthier, and are still able to enjoy incredibly delicious and creative meals.  Even if you don’t have any dietary restrictions, I think that you’ll happily find some recipes here that you’ll love.